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Lithosperse® NextGen
Same Gloss, Lower Cost

Kaolin for Printing Ink

The proportional use of kaolin in printing ink is relatively small but very important, having a significant impact on many critical ink properties. It is well-known that kaolin can cost-effectively extend resin. However, it can also improve holdout, and be used to extend colored pigments. Preserving ink gloss is a crucial variable to consider when choosing a kaolin product to use in an ink formulation. Particles that protrude above film surfaces can lead to a reduction in gloss beyond acceptable levels. Ultrafine kaolin, with a particle size between 0.2 and 0.5 µm, is the most effective at maintaining an ink formulation’s gloss. Easy dispersibility, low abrasion (to minimize printing plate wear), and low oil absorption are other kaolin extender requirements that are vital to a successful formulation.

Lithosperse® NextGen

KaMin’s newest breakthrough ink additive is specifically designed for Heatset, Sheetfed high gloss inks, providing customers with unmatched advantages.

Maintain high gloss and enhance color quality by reducing expensive varnishes using Lithosperse® NextGen. With significantly higher loading levels than alternative mineral fillers, KaMin’s newest innovation optimizes overall ink savings by reducing costly resins and pigments without compromising on gloss or color for outstanding print quality.

1. Increased clay loading levels

Optimize savings on costly varnishes and color pigments in your product with NextGen’s capacity to maintain high gloss at high loading level.

2. Ready to use, easily dispersible product

KaMin’s patent pending surface treatment technology, backed by our comprehensive quality control measures, ensures the consistent delivery of a ready to use, easily dispersible product.

3. Bleed resistance technology

When used at high levels, our proprietary surface treatment process minimizes the clouding of fountain solutions associated with other ink fillers , reducing bleeding on your products and your bottom line.

4. Measurable sustainable impact

The higher clay loading levels of NextGen reduce VOC for customers, relying on more natural solutions for a “greener” ink.

At 20% Ink Clay Loading:

Lithosperse® NextGen is 25 Points Higher than Competitive Kaolin Clay

At 15% Ink Clay Loading:

Lithosperse® NextGen is 19 Points Higher than Competitive Kaolin Clay

Lithosperse® NextGen
Competitive Treated Kaolin Clay
Treated PCC

Lithosperse® NextGen - Product Video (Transcript)

In the ink industry, kaolin and other minerals are often used as extenders with the primary function of reducing formulation costs. High mineral loading is clearly desired but often leads to ink formulation problems such as gloss reduction, bleeding, and unsatisfactory flow problems. At KaMin we have developed Lithosperse® NextGen to solve this problem. Lithosperse® NextGen is a surface treated fine particle extender that solves the issue of compromised performance. This means that ink formulators, for the first time, can significantly reduce their costs while maintaining the performance of their product. Lithosperse® NextGen was specifically designed for Heatset ink. However, it can also be used in high gloss Sheetfed Offset inks, where conventional mineral extenders typically fail. Lithosperse® NextGen has been developed because of KaMin’s unique position as the world leader in fine kaolin particle technology and our investment in intensive applications research.

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